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Launched August 2020

Ground-Breaking Innovations For Sustainability And Performance

Driving Improvements With Environmentally Focused Patented Technology

Innovations That Reduce and Capture Harmful Air Pollution Across the Transport and Energy Sectors.

Scientists predict that in just ten years, the human damage inflicted on the planet will be irreversible. At Ogab®, our team is dedicated to creating sustainable solutions and environmental innovations that our clients require for their vehicles.

With cutting edge research and development, Ogab® specialise in creating performance enhancing, environmentally conscious solutions that can make vast improvements in the transportation and energy sector.

Patented Technology For Breakthrough Innovations

Ogab® has an extensive patent portfolio. From thermodynamics, aerodynamics, applied physics and engineering; we have a number of highly advanced solutions that can make an unprecedented difference to your vehicle and the environment. We can offer manufacturing licence agreements so that you can incorporate these ground-breaking solutions into your organisation.

How Ogab® Can Help Your Industry

What Will Improve Fuel Consumption?

Every eco-conscious and responsible manufacturer is looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. For all road vehicles and trains, Ogab® Advanced TRS® can help to reduce fuel consumption, creating a significant increase in MPG. This is the ideal fuel saver system for commercial road vehicles and the rail network.

Our patented Active Flow Control technology works to reduce the drag coefficient allowing our clients to realise significant cost savings, improved vehicle performance and lifespan as well as increasing the sustainability of energy-intensive industries.

Find out more about our Advanced TRS® Turbulence Reduction System here.

How Can You Avoid Wasting Fuel?

We know that more and more consumers are looking for sustainable products and services. What’s more, there is an increased focus on protecting the planet. From reducing carbon emissions to minimising air pollution for the health of the earth and its inhabitants; we work hard to create unique, effective technologies than can really make a difference.

Our Sustainable Driving system is built on technological innovation with a priority on health and wellness. With our technologies, we look to minimise drag force on production vehicles and reduce excessive heat escalation in brake discs. Consequently, these solutions can help to reduce both fuel waste and harmful brake wear. This, in turn, reduces the impact of CO2 emissions and the particulate matter that cause air pollution.

Throughout our research and development process, our goal is to work on technology that creates a better planet. By reducing CO2 emissions, we know we can make a difference to the environment and human health. Find out more about our commitment to reducing air pollution here.

How Can You Reduce The Environmental Harm Caused By Your Motor Vehicle?

Safety and sustainability are at the forefront of what we do. For clients looking to improve the sustainability of their road vehicles while increasing safety, we recommend the Ogab® Sustainable Braking solution. This sustainable innovation works to increase safety levels by optimising brake performance through energy that would otherwise be lost.

Our brake disc cooling solution prevents severe temperature escalation and captures any harmful brake wear from the burn up of the discs and pads that would otherwise enter the atmosphere. Brakes operating at cooler temperatures help to increase vehicle safety while extending the lifespan. By increasing the lifespan of brakes, you can consequently reduce your carbon emissions, making our Sustainable Braking solution a more environmentally friendly choice.

Want to reduce the environmental harm that your vehicles cause? Discover more about Sustainable Braking from Ogab®.

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Cutting Edge Research For Every Sector

As well as industry-leading patented technology for road vehicles, we support a wide range of industries through a range of innovations.


Using sophisticated aerodynamics, Ogab® has developed solutions to reduce train fuel consumption by up to 10%. This is thanks to leading aerodynamic Active Flow Control technology which reduces drag to save fuel, reduce energy waste and improve costs for a more sustainable, economical rail business.


Safety, reliability and environmental impact are all critical concerns for the aviation industry. We’re here to help with sustainable solutions such are our Sustainable Braking technology. Ideal for aviation, this cost-saving solution can help to increase brake performance while ensuring optimal safety levels thanks to the reduction in excessive heat levels.

With long-lasting, safer braking, flights can reduce their turnaround time, to ensure optimal efficiency, which can help to reduce overall business costs.


As well as focusing on commercial and passenger vehicles, our innovations are ideal for the world of motorsport in ensuring optimum performance. Our research and development team work hard to deliver the answers for motorsport’s most challenging issues.  Our patented Performance Grip technology helps to control the temperature of tyres in any climate to give maximum performance on the track without the use of fuel.

Whatever the conditions, Performance Grip offers maximum grip while complying with motorsport regulations of no moving parts. With Ogab®, you can increase the safety levels and the performance of your car to achieve better results.

Find out more about Performance Grip in the motorsport sector.


Focusing on all forms of renewable energy, Ogab® is putting applied physics, thermodynamics and aerodynamics to good use for the sake of the planet. We want to maximise the potential of these sustainable energy resources by making them safer, more cost-effective and more reliable. By reducing the maintenance costs, we can help organisations to get more from their machinery for optimal energy outputs.

Ogab® has created innovative solutions to help the energy sector get more from their turbines. The Sustainable Braking system can reduce the risk of fires and maintenance requirement and operational downtime. Furthermore, AirEdge® uses virtual feathering to protect turbine blades from damage to increase their life span.

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Working With Ogab®

Our team offer unparalleled levels of support and assistance throughout every project. With our expert engineers and industry-leading scientists, we create solutions that make a difference to your organisation and the planet as a whole. Whatever vehicle sector your focus is, we offer patented, study-backed solutions that provide a significant return on investment.

Our vision is to create a cleaner environment without compromising on safety and performance. When we work together, we’ll tailor our approach in a way that works for you. As well as benefitting from our patented technology, you’ll receive the guidance and implementation from our experts to ensure every solution is optimised for your project.

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