"Promoting performance, safety and sustainability"

OGAB® Performance Grip

Ogab® patented Active Flow Control technology is powered by energy that would otherwise be lost. This can be used for many applications including optimising tyre and brake temperature for maximum safety and performance with no additional use of fuel.

Tyre Temperature Management On The Go.

Breakthrough patented technology for controlling brake and tyre temperature on demand and with no use of fuel.

The performance grip product can heat or cool tyres whilst the vehicle is driven in order to give maximum grip, whatever the environmental conditions are on race day. Whether it’s the stifling heat in Bahrain or the cooler air in Montreal, Ogab® has the solution.

As with other products in the Ogab® Sustainable Driving family, the Performance Grip technology utilises energy that would otherwise be lost in order to power the heating and cooling it provides. It is also fully compliant with motorsport regulations, as contains no moving parts.

Performance Grip can also be used in conjunction with the Ogab® Sustainable Braking system which is also powered by residual energy from the engine.

This can prevent the overheating of brakes and offer better performance and safety levels for drivers and their teams.

Lewis Hamilton Brake Failure - 2019

Ogab® Sustainable Braking technology offers increased safety and performance levels by optimising the operational braking temperatures of the car.

Innovative, compliant and utilising energy that would otherwise be lost, Ogab® offers groundbreaking motorsport technology that gives an extra advantage on the track.

To make those crucial performance gains for your racing team, the new Performance Grip and Sustainable Braking products from Ogab® offer the solution. Contact us today to find out more about how our breakthrough motorsport technology can help you.