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Ogab® offers a range of innovations to help trains go
faster, run more efficiently and be kinder to the environment.

With the transport industry generating the largest share of
greenhouse gas emissions, Ogab®’s mission is to create innovations to help the
transport sector reduce its emissions to become more sustainable. As well as
this, our patented technology offers benefits such as increased speeds,
enhanced performance and better reliability.

For the rail industry, Ogab® currently offers two
ground-breaking innovations:

Advanced TRS® For RailReduce journey times,
save fuel, and increase sustainability by reducing aerodynamic losses through
our industry-leading Turbulence Reduction System.

Sustainable Braking For RailMinimise the
negative impact of train braking and increase the safety and performance of
your trains with brake cooling technology.



The Important Of Sustainability In A Growing Industry

In the UK alone, 1.7 billion rail journeys take place each year. What’s more, it is a growing transport sector. Passenger numbers continue to increase with a growth of 3.5% each year. Already, the rail industry is considered one of the most environmentally efficient transport options. Studies show that passenger rail is three times more efficient than travelling by car and four times more efficient than travelling by plane.

However, passenger trains still emit 36.6g of CO2 per km, while freight trains emit 25.3g of CO2 per km. Over a year, this amounts to 2941 KTonnes of emissions and the consumption of over 622 million litres of diesel.

So, while the rail industry is the preferred choice for sustainable transport, there is still significant room for improvement in reducing energy consumption and emissions, to create a more sustainable industry.

At Ogab®, we want to help trains increase their efficiency to not only help the environment but improve safety and cost-effectiveness too. From reducing fuel consumption to increasing the longevity of vital parts, our focus is about creating a solution that benefits human health, the environment and rail businesses too.

Making trains more efficient , more reliable and much kinder to the environment.

At Ogab® we are passionate about raising the bar in terms of transport safety and performance.

With the help of our specialist team of engineers , we have delivered a huge, innovative step forward in sustainable travel, through reducing fuel consumption,  improving passenger safety and  cutting CO2 emissions.

Increasing Sustainability In The Rail Industry

Advanced TRS®

Reducing Fuel Consumption, Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

The Advanced TRS® system is designed with cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in mind. Bay focusing on reducing the aerodynamic drag of a train through our patented active flow technology, it is possible to achieve both of these goals with significant effect.

In recent studies using a standard passenger train, Ogab®’s Advanced TRS® was able to reduce the drag coefficient of the train by 22.34%. Consequently, this led to an incredible reduction in fuel consumption by 11.17%.

By reducing fuel consumption by 11.17% in just one trainset, whole fleets can enjoy significant fuel savings. Not only helping to reduce the cost of managing train fleets, but also reducing fuel use, lessening the negative impact on the environment.

With the use of Advanced TRS®, in five years, one train can save 454,346 litres of diesel. This equates to a saving of 1,327,265kg CO2 emissions. Whether running a single train or fleet, the fuel savings and reduction in carbon emissions for operating trains can lead to significant business benefits from meeting sustainability goals to generating vital cost-savings.

Click here to find out more about the fuel savings you can enjoy with Advanced TRS®

Sustainable Braking

Increase Rail Safety, Reduce Air Pollution

Another Ogab® innovation designed to help rail businesses increase their efficiency is Sustainable Braking. Our patented brake cooling technology, powered by energy that is otherwise lost, can prolong the life of brake discs and reduce air pollution from particulate matter through capturing the deadly brake wear compounds emitted.

With brake cooling technology, trains have advanced safety measures. SustainableBraking makes it possible to prevent the brakes from reaching their maximum temperature; this helps to reduce the risk of tracks and brake discs buckling.

What’s more, with brake discs operating at cooler temperatures, this helps to increase their lifespan, helping to minimise the environmental impact as well as offering cost and maintenance savings too.

In regular use, a train brake pad and disc will have a service life of up to 1.1 million km. However, by utilising brake cooling technology within Sustainable Braking, it is possible to increase this lifespan to 2.57 million km. This opens up significant cost-saving potential as well as minimising the environmental damage that comes from the production of brake discs.

Sustainable Braking Effectiveness

By applying cooling technology to the brake discs on a standard passenger trainset (Class 220 Voyager), it is possible to achieve a 77.79% improvement in average braking temperature. Furthermore, we can achieve a 52.74% improvement in reducing the maximum disc temperature during braking.

Consequently, with Sustainable Braking there are significant safety benefits as well as notable improvements in brake disc lifespan and reduced emissions. This is both from the manufacturing of brake discs and the particulate matter emissions during braking.

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Realising The Benefits Of Rail Sustainability Technology

Whether your focus is on the environment, meeting your carbon footprint minimisation goals, increasing safety or improving the cost-effectiveness to encourage the use of sustainable rail transport; Ogab® has a solution to help.

Our team of specialist engineers and project managers are on hand to help you maximise every rail journey. We can work with you to create an industry-leading solution to help you meet your goals whether this is to;

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Increase passenger safety
  • Minimise air pollution
  • Cut CO2 emissions
  • Increase parts longevity
  • Reduce maintenance requirements
  • Meet environmental targets
  • Realise cost-savings
  • Make rail the go-to sustainable choice for passengers.

How Ogab Can Help

Ogab®’s mission is to continue delivering the most-effective solutions that can make a real difference to the rail industry. To find out how our patented solutions can benefit your freight or passenger trains, please get in touch.

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