"Promoting performance, safety and sustainability"

About us

Ogab® is an R & D team specialising in the field of aerodynamics, thermodynamics and sustainable technology. As a company our operational sectors include the automotive, rail, aviation, motorsport and energy industries.

Based in Somerset in the South West of England, our mission is to improve performance and safety across the transport and energy sectors. Through our work, we have built an extensive patent portfolio that’s focused on improving efficiency through sustainable innovation.

Our innovative, patented technology not only improves performance and safety levels, but also significantly reduces the negative environmental impact that existing technologies have on the planet. In addition to this, our solutions are powered only by energy that would otherwise be lost, making them fully sustainable.

The technologies that we have developed through our innovation program are available for manufacturing or product integration via commercial license agreement. To find out more on this, please get in touch today.

At Ogab® we are also open to developing new partnerships and collaborative ventures across the transport and energy sectors. Please get in touch via the contact us page to make an introduction or email us at info@ogab.co.uk.

As a fellow participant in the Future Light Automotive Summit you can see some of our fellow partners above.

As a company we constantly strive to create advanced technological solutions across a broad range of platforms that offer innovation for a brighter future and better safety for all. 

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