"Promoting performance, safety and sustainability"

Next Generation

Our unique patented  hybrid technology  includes the engine system and method of generating electricity from an internal combustion engine.

Introducing a new era for hybrid technology with Ogab®

Ogab® is proud to introduce our patented Next Generation Hybrid Technology, a state-of-the-art innovation to help vehicles go further by harnessing energy that would otherwise be lost.

Improving Hybrid Performance

As vehicles move away from fossil fuels, it is essential to find green technology that is kind to the planet, without compromising vehicle performance. Ogab® is committed to developing sustainable technologies and innovations that lead to a brighter future for all.

With our patented Next Generation Hybrid Technology, we can help vehicles harness their full potential and maximise performance while maintaining a positive environmental focus.

Understanding the Concept

Alternators in motor vehicles are generators of electrical power and are typically driven by the engine via a drive belt from the crankshaft.

However, as more power is drawn from the crankshaft to operate such ‘accessory components’ (including battery charging), the net or effective power output of the engine decreases for producing useful work such as for locomotion. 

At Ogab®, we take a different approach with our Next Generation Hybrid Technology, which enables us to provide electrical power with maximum efficiency so the vehicle can reach its full potential.

Harnessing Energy That Would Otherwise Be Lost

Ogab®’s Next Generation Hybrid Technology increases the efficiency of hybrid technology to offer maximum power potential and reduce wasted energy. Next Generation Hybrid Technology uses a patented system to capture and recover energy from the engine, using a state-of-the-art module within the turbocharger unit.

About Ogab®’s Next Generation Hybrid Technology


Our Motor Generator Unit – Pelton (MGU-P) works to capture lost energy in the engine. Using a pelton wheel design within the MGU-P, we can generate a high level of torque. This superior torque is utilised for energy production which can not only provide power to charge the vehicle’s battery but also generates sufficient power to provide for other utilities with a power demand elsewhere in the vehicle.

Consequently, the energy potential ensures rapid battery charging, increasing the vehicle’s range while the surplus energy can then be used to power technologies such as the air conditioning and other ‘accessory components’.

Effective, Efficient Charging

Our Next Generation Hybrid Technology eliminates some of the most significant drawbacks of vehicle charging – the car’s range and speed of charging. With the MGU-P, we can eliminate both concerns. Using significant torque helps to provide considerable power to charge the battery efficiently.

The rapid battery charging enables a greater vehicle range helping to power the car through longer journeys while in electric mode and minimises the need for stationary charging time.

Pelton Wheel Design

What makes Ogab®’s Next Generation Hybrid Technology so remarkable is the pelton wheel design. This unique design is why the innovation offers superior torque which can then provide significant power to an alternator.

The enhanced power offers significant vehicle capability, making a more attractive hybrid vehicle offering.  The innovation can promote rapid vehicle charging and power other vehicle requirements to save energy and lessen the environmental impact.

This unrivalled feat of engineering offers huge potential in the volume production vehicle market to make hybrid technology more appealing with advanced benefits of:

  • Improved sustainability by harnessing energy that would otherwise be lost
  • Rapid battery charging on-the-go

How It Works

Capturing Energy That Is Otherwise Lost

A standard turbine on the hot side of a turbocharger usually works to expel heat energy as waste gases to the exhaust. However, with Next Generation Hybrid Technology, our patented turbine design within the MGU-P can capture the heat energy that would normally be lost through this process. This can then supply the power that the Next Generation Hybrid Technology uses to perform so efficiently.

This process can offer significant environmental benefits, by making the most of the available energy and utilising what is often considered as ‘waste’ energy.

Technology To Power The Future

Ogab®’s Next Generation Hybrid Technology offers innovation to power the future of motoring. With our sustainable technology, we can help vehicle manufacturers to minimise a vehicle’s environmental impact while maintaining power and performance. With maximum efficiency and improved energy recovery, we can help take vehicles to the next level in the manufacturer’s quest for a sustainable future while maintaining high-end vehicle performance.

To find out how our breakthrough Next Generation Hybrid Technology  can help you get in touch today.