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Utilising patented Active Flow Control technology, Ogab® has developed a breakthrough system that decreases aerodynamic drag on landing gear to reduce air flight fuel consumption.

Aviation TRS

When aviation landing gear is deployed in flight prior to landing, it causes significant drag force on the plane meaning that increased fuel consumption is required to maintain speed. This negative effect of drag creates a less stable landing, higher costs and increased CO2 emissions for every flight.

As you can see from the image above, a huge number of air vortices are created by the landing gear, contributing to the aerodynamic inefficiency of the aircraft when it's deployed.

Our innovative Advanced TRS® technology reduces the effect of drag by dissipating turbulent air that would otherwise apply ram forces to the landing gear when it impacts its frontal area.

Through aerodynamic and thermodynamic know-how, we have developed a method using injected pressurised air to significantly reduce the negative impact of drag and therefore reduce fuel consumption and increase stability.

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