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The demand and use of wind power continue to grow globally, with the total global wind capacity now reaching above 651GW. This means that wind energy now covers 15% of the EU’s energy demand. In the UK, wind power is the strongest renewable energy resource, creating up to 20% of the UK’s total energy.

However, while wind farms are increasing and the energy potential is attractive, downtime and maintenance can get in the way of maximising the investment of wind turbines. Research suggests that the reliability of wind turbines is high, with a 98% availability level. However, on average, wind turbines fail at least once a year, with larger wind turbines failing more frequently.

As well as downtime, which can occur for a number of reasons, wind turbines also require maintenance. The maintenance costs typically range from 1.5 to 2% of the initial investment cost, per annum. With this in mind, it becomes imperative for the investment to focus on innovations that can reduce downtime and lower the maintenance requirements and therefore, the cost.

With our commitment to sustainability, we work hard to develop ground-breaking innovations that allow green technology to work harder for you. Consequently, Ogab® has developed two patented innovations to reduce the level of maintenance and the number of critical operational failures.

With Sustainable Braking for Wind Turbines and Air Edge®, you can benefit from enhanced wind turbine protection and reduced maintenance costs.

Sustainable Braking For Wind Turbines

Ogab®’s patented Sustainable Braking innovation works to reduce the risk of operational failures caused by overheated brakes.

Wind turbine brakes are often overlooked but are critical to the operation of wind turbines, from allowing safe maintenance to protecting assets in case of high wind speeds. Studies show that around one in every 2000 wind turbine catches fire each year. Consequently, the greater the wind farm, the bigger the safety concern and the financial risk that the investment faces.

By controlling the temperature of the brakes, it is possible to reduce the risk of mechanical parts overheating. Not only does this reduce the risk of fire, but also increases the reliability of the critical emergency braking and the wind turbine system as a whole.

Sustainable Braking is utilised on the mechanical braking infrastructure of wind turbines. It is this braking system that prevents dangerously high speeds. When the disc brakes activate, they create friction which reduces the speed of the blade. Due to the weight of the blades, an enormous amount of heat is generated in this process, which can pose a significant fire risk.

This can be incredibly serious for the turbine when you consider the oil systems within the nacelle which have the potential to be a lethal ignition source. However, with Sustainable Braking, it is possible to minimise this risk and prevent catastrophic incidents.

Sustainable Braking is a patented solution that works to reduce the temperature of the disc brake to alleviate safety concerns.

Ogab®’s Sustainable Braking has shown considerable success when used with an existing braking system. In one study, Sustainable Braking is shown to deliver an 8.79% improvement in reducing the maximum brake disc volume temperature within the first 11 seconds of braking. After 300 seconds, it was possible to deliver a 21.24% improvement in the maximum volume temperature.

For average volume temperature, Ogab® achieved a 37.38% improvement in average volume temperature after 300 seconds.

It is important to note that these vital temperature savings can be achieved in wind turbines with existing brake infrastructure. However, by incorporating Sustainable Braking within a new brake design and embedding our brake cooling innovation, it may be possible to generate even greater results to further improve the safety and effectiveness of wind turbines.

Air Edge® 

For both onshore and offshore wind turbines, the weather can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of wind turbine blades. The elements can lead to erosion, which can increase the maintenance requirements and costs. Studies have shown that leading-edge erosion can increase drag by as much as 500%, which can significantly hinder the annual energy production of a wind turbine.

Research suggests that heavy erosion, such as delamination, can cause a 25% loss in average energy production. In comparison, a small level of erosion can lead to an 80% increase in drag, resulting in a reduction of 5% of the annual energy production. This can be significant when you consider the return on investment of the project.

Consequently, Ogab® has developed a ground-breaking solution to protect your turbine blades and, therefore, increase your energy production while reducing maintenance costs.

Air Edge® uses patented and innovative technology in order to maintain the aerodynamic characteristics of the blades.

In studies, Ogab®’s solution helps to reduce leading edge erosion by as much as 47%. With our significant reduction of blade erosion, wind turbines benefit from reduced drag and, therefore, more efficient energy outputs.

With Air Edge®, it is possible to;

  • Reduce blade erosion
  • Increase energy output
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Minimise labour costs
  • Lessen operational downtime
  • Boost your return on investment.

A breakthrough solution to the prevention of critical failures due to Wind Turbine fires. Offering a huge reduction in maintenance costs and operational down time.

Delivering a significant return on investment.

Maximise Wind Power Potential

Our focus at Ogab® has always been to create a better future for all. This is why we are committed to developing effective innovations that allow sustainability to not only be cost-effective but profitable. While wind turbines can be an incredible source of renewable, green energy, we understand that the maintenance, fire risks and associated costs can raise concerns.

However, with Ogab®’s tailored wind turbine solutions, Air Edge® and Sustainable Braking, we believe it is possible to harness to power of wind power for the planet and your business. From increasing energy output to reducing maintenance costs, we can make your wind turbines work harder for you to significantly improve your return on investment while promoting green energy and a healthier planet for all of its inhabitants.

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