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Break Lap Records With Performance-Optimised Sustainable Technology

Data-Fuelled Sustainable Innovations For The Race To Success

Optimise efficiency, safety, sustainability and performance with leading technologies from Ogab® Motorsport.

Advanced TRS®

Grow your competitive advantage, achieve faster lap times and optimise your strategy with our breakthrough Turbulence Reduction System.

Sustainable Braking

Achieve maximum performance, eliminate critical mechanical failures and enhance vehicle safety with innovative braking technology.

Performance Grip

Enjoy ultimate grip performance on the track by utilising energy that would otherwise be lost to provide on-demand tyre temperature control.

Downforce Generation

Motorsport teams can now strike the perfect balance of maximum downforce with minimum drag through our innovative downforce generation system.

Gearbox TRU

Significantly reduce the risk of gearbox failures through our pioneering temperature regulator unit. Delivering active cooling through energy that would otherwise be lost, Gearbox TRU adds greater reliability to your race car when it matters most.

Cockpit TR

Cockpit TR delivers exceptional cooling in the harshest climates to increase driver comfort and allow for better race performance.

Driving Innovation In Motorsport

Staying competitive in motorsport is more challenging than ever. When every team is optimising for efficiency, it becomes necessary to dig deeper into the data and develop innovations in unexpected ways. This is where Ogab® can help your team to get to the forefront in the race to success.

At Ogab®, we focus our research on providing innovative technology that can give the teams the breakthroughs they need. Our data-led patented designs go beyond traditional time-saving technologies that many motorsport teams use. Instead, we look at performance-enhancing solutions that not only provide the gains that motorsport teams need but offer safety and sustainability benefits too.

Our focus is not to add more technology which increases the risk of mechanical problems. In fact, our technology contains no moving parts. Instead, we utilise residual energy and lightweight components to increase performance and improve sustainability while maintaining compliance.

Our disruptive innovations work hard to offer time-saving improvements that give your motorsport team that critical edge. All of our performance-enhancing technologies comply with the strict rules and regulations of Formula 1 and other motorsport requirements. In addition to this, we offer vital gains for your team, whether you’re looking to reduce drag, optimise grip or increase reliability.

With Ogab® innovations, you can ensure that you are fully compliant whilst achieving the full performance potential of the car. Our breakthrough technology can be implemented with the existing powerful engine with the advantage of a sophisticated and innovative approach that keeps your vehicle at the forefront for every race.

We know that motorsports team are always looking for improvements, but these gains are not only with speed but with safety, reliability, longevity and sustainability. At Ogab®, we understand the demands that motorsport teams face and that solutions need to be multi-dimensional in terms of their benefits. This is why our carefully developed innovations not only help to enhance performance but can change the way the motorsport industry operates for the better.

Our work promotes the adoption of sustainability to ensure motorsport can continue at the highest level without compromising the environment. By reducing brake wear and collecting harmful brake wear particulates and finding extra speed without the need for additional fuel; we offer a variety of solutions to create a faster, stronger, greener motorsport industry.

Tyre temperature can be crucial for performance, and with each track comes significant challenges for tyre optimisation and race management. With Ogab® Performance Grip, our patented solution offers enhanced temperature control for both tyres and brakes without using fuel.

Performance Grip is powered by harvested residual energy that would otherwise be lost in a motorsport vehicle. This captured energy powers our patented Active Flow Control technology which provides both hot and cool air to the tyre compound on the go. This means that our innovation can deliver optimised tyre temperatures accordingly for maximum grip performance in all conditions.

With Performance Grip, you can make sure your tyres are ready for every climate and every track, without the concern of additional fuel use. With maximum grip through tyres at optimum temperature, your driver feels in control. This allows you to focus your attention on other areas of your vehicle so that you can achieve all-important gains in every aspect of the race car.

The green benefit of Performance Grip is that this technology captures and utilises energy that would otherwise be lost. With all the power on your side, your vehicle can keep pushing for the results that give you the competitive edge while staying safe and compliant.

Advanced TRS ® is a breakthrough innovation for motorsport. Our patented technology allows motorsport teams to achieve the vital benefit of reduced drag while maintaining crucial downforce.

With Active Flow Control technology, Ogab® can help your team to achieve a ground-breaking 14.47% drag force reduction, all the while retaining the pivotal downforce. With this, our technology can help to break lap records. So much so, our trials indicate average time savings on an F1 circuit of an astonishing 2.89 seconds per lap.

With average savings such as this, we can help motorsport teams to achieve unprecedented lap times as well as reducing the number of pit stops to ensure the most effective, competitive race strategy.

With a strategy-focused innovation, you maintain the upper hand on your competitors with options such as lighter fuel loads and reduced consumption which is vital during a race scenario.

Brake failure can be one of the critical safety issues that motorsports team can struggle with. A brake failure can not only jeopardise your race position but the driver’s safety too. Ogab® Sustainable Braking works to help prevent DNFs by optimising brake performance temperatures and reducing the risk of overheating.

Like all of the patented technology that Ogab® create, Sustainable Braking works to make motorsport a greener, more environmentally friendly industry while still breaking records and achieving incredible results. Sustainable Braking is powered by energy that is otherwise lost while also reducing the mechanical risk as it contains no moving parts.

With full regulatory compliance, improving braking control, performance and brake longevity, Ogab® can help you to get more from your vehicle.

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We know performance is everything to motorsport teams, but additional benefits of parts longevity, safety and sustainability make Ogab® the go-to choice for enhancing your competitiveness. We can work with your motorsport team to help you achieve remarkable results that can keep your team going from strength to strength.

To find out more about the difference we can make to your lap times, vehicle safety and performance strategy, get in touch with our team today.

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