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OGAB® Resource Centre

Ogab® believe that sustainable innovation is pivotal to a brighter future for all. As part of our Research & Development program, we have produced a series of environmental reports and presentations that focus on the industry sectors we find solutions for. The reports provide insight into the negative environmental effects of these industries and the positive impact that our technology can make to negate this.

"Together, we can create a better future; if we make the right decisions at this critical moment, we can safeguard our planets ecosystems, its extraordinary biodiversity and all its inhabitants. What happens next is up to every one of us."

~Sir David Attenborough

OGAB® Environmental Reports

Report 1.

Gain insight in to the harmful effects of fuel consumption in the transport sector and learn about the innovative solutions that can help reduce it’s damaging impact on our environment.

UpdatedNovember_Front Cover_Final

How to Reduce the Harmful Impacts Of Excessive Power Consumption In Our Transport Industry.

Report 2.

A comprehensive report on the effects of particulate matter (PM) emissions from break wear, how it effects the health of humans and wildlife and suggested solutions to prevent this.

October Front Cover

How to Minimise the Harmful Impacts Of Brake Wear Pollution On Health And The Environment.

Report 3.

A report on the product life cycle of disc brakes and the significant environmental impact this has. The report includes data relating to various stages of the life cycle including the obtaining of  raw materials, manufacturing processes and product use to end of life.

2020_Environmental Impact Of Brakes LIfe Cycle

The Environmental Impact Of Disc Brakes Product Life Cycle.

Report 4.

A view into the significant effects the reduction in fuel consumption in road vehicles can have in preventing harm to the environment.

2020_Environmental Impact Of Reduced Fuel Consumption In Road Vehicles

The Environmental Impact Of Reduced Fuel Consumption In Road Vehicles.

Report 5.

Learn how the effects of a reduction in fuel consumption on our railways  can have a considerable positive impact on our environment.

2020_Environmental Impact Of Reduced Fuel Consumption On Railways

The Environmental Impact Of Reduced Fuel Consumption On Our Railways.

Report 6.

Understand the details on the significant environmental impact and resource cost of the process of aeroplanes landing  in this aviation focused report.

2020_Environmental Impact Of The Aviation Landing Process

The Environmental Impact And Resource Cost of The Aviation Landing Process.

OGAB® TEchnology PResentations

Presentation 1.

Our unique patented  hybrid technology  includes the engine system and method of generating electricity from an internal combustion engine.

Presentation 2.

Utilising patented Active Flow Control technology, Ogab® has developed a breakthrough system that decreases aerodynamic drag on trains to reduce fuel consumption by more than 10%.

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