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OGAB® motorsport Advanced TRS®

Utilising patented Active Flow Control technology, Ogab® has developed a breakthrough system that reduces aerodynamic drag on Motorsport vehicles so as to increase performance whilst maintaining critical downforce.

Ogab Wind Tunnel

14.47% Drag Force Reduction Whilst Maintaining Crucial Downforce

Ogab®‘s Advanced TRS® technology for motorsport offers increased speed, performance and the option for lighter fuel loads due to lower consumption in a like for like race distance scenario. 

Our groundbreaking technology reduces drag to give faster lap times, fewer pit stops and a stronger hand in strategy planning for race day. 

Implementation of our system test on a 2021 F1 Concept Car led to the substantial reduction in drag force to the value of 14.48%, which then results in a drag coefficient reduction of 14.47% and eliminates the air re-circulation zone.

All of these game-changing benefits are powered only by the energy that would otherwise be lost via our patented active flow control technology.

Drag coefficient 0.81 -> 0.6928

Drag force 2645.57 -> 2261.52

The most exciting detail about Advanced TRS® in motorsport is that all these benefits can be achieved with almost negligible changes to downforce. Therefore, you can employ the system throughout races, with no need for dedicated drag reduction zones.

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