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Advanced TRS® For Vans

Utilising patented Active Flow Control technology, Ogab® has developed a breakthrough system that reduces aerodynamic drag on commercial vehicles to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Making diesel and petrol vehicles go further…
much, much further.

Our breakthrough Advanced TRS® technology was implemented on the test case vehicle ;-

 Sprinter Van.

The Advanced TRS® test results gave an impressive 40.98% reduction in drag coefficient which could yield a 20% saving in fuel consumption.

The result of this reduction in drag coefficient offers a huge fuel cost saving as well as increased performance and a significant reduction in C02 emissions.

The considerable reduction in drag also means that in a like-for-like journey scenario, a vehicle fitted with Advanced TRS® would put less demand on the engine and, therefore, increase the vehicle’s lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.

Commercial vehicles cover many thousands of miles each year. The fuel costs to run these vehicles is often the largest single expense for the operator.

The environmental impact of C02 emissions from commercial vehicles is  also a concern because of their heavy fuel consumption.

Vehicle design teams and aerodynamicist experts constantly look for innovative ways to reduce the effects of drag on commercial vehicles. 

Ogab®’s Advanced TRS® has utilised patented Active Flow Control Technology – a system which is powered by energy that would otherwise be lost. Through our research program we have achieved unparalleled results in drag reduction.

The Advanced TRS® research project gave results that indicate a reduction in the drag coefficient of a van from 0.4 to 0.24. This reduction means the vehicle’s drag coefficient value is altered from its original state to a value that is equal to a highly aerodynamic Tesla S without modifying the shape of the vehicle.

How Our Advanced TRS® System Works.

The 40.98% reduction in drag coefficient could reduce fuel consumption saving by as much as 20%.

The reduction in emissions with the above fuel saving in mind would prevent 600,000 kg of C02 being released in to the atmosphere every year for each fleet of 100 vehicles.

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