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Renewable Energy Generation

At Ogab®, we fully support the energy transition from non-renewables to renewable sources that provide a clean and sustainable solution for our planet.

We innovate through our research and development program to support a greener energy industry by developing methods of generating renewable energy as well as creating technology that helps maintain existing methods and improve their contribution to a lower global carbon footprint.

Generating renewable energy means that the energy produced comes from a sustainable source – By sustainable we mean something that is endless or can’t run out, for example, wind or the sun.

Renewable energy can be produced in a number of ways including;-

Solar Energy

Sunlight is an abundant and freely available energy resource that is utilised in renewable energy generation by solar panels. Geographic location, the seasons and time of day all contribute to the amount of solar energy that can be produced from the panels.

Wind Energy

Wind is a renewable energy source that is plentiful and clean. In recent years the number of offshore wind farms have increased dramatically and have played a major part in the current energy transition to renewables. We have focused a number of research projects on reducing the need for maintenance and operational downtime in wind turbines to help keep the industry sustainable. Find out more about the technology Ogab® have developed for this sector here.

Hydro Energy

Hydro energy is produced using barriers or dams with large reservoirs to create a controlled flow of water that can drive a turbine and generate electricity. The energy can be stored and is well suited to the commercial production of renewable energy.


Geothermal Energy

Heat beneath the earth’s surface can be harnessed to heat homes directly or generate electricity. This method is less significant in the UK, however in countries such as Iceland where geothermal heat is much more freely available it is used considerably more.

Sea Wave Energy

Sea wave or ‘marine energy’ utilises the twice daily currents to drive generators. Although the currents are not constant as with hydro energy, they are highly predictable which means their efficiency can compensate for when the tidal currents are low.

Ogab® have developed a system that efficiently generates energy from sea waves by utilising  wave motion to drive a generator. Explore our system further by clicking below.

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