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Lower Emissions With A 10% Reduction In Drag Force On Production Vehicles.

With the 2015 Paris Agreement, many countries across the world have committed to zero emissions by 2050. However, as industries continue to grow and transport requirements increase, planning for a sustainable future is no longer enough. Instead, it is vital to take actionable changes now and make significant improvements today so that businesses and individuals can reduce their carbon footprint.  

In the UK alone, there are 328 billion miles of road traffic every single year. Consequently, road transport accounts for 21% of the UK’s total greenhouse gases. With this in mind, this is an area that needs considerable focus.

At Ogab®, we are committed to creating a sustainable future. For the sake of our health and environment, it is vital to urgently address high carbon emissions. With Ogab’s® Road innovations, we have solutions that can not only reduce carbon emissions on road transport but also make road vehicles faster, safer and more reliable too.


Making Impact Now

As the mass market for road vehicles continues to grow, Ogab®’s solutions are tried, tested and guaranteed to reduce drag by at least 15% on any production vehicle. With this in mind, your vehicles can enjoy enhanced fuel economy, increased efficiency and speed while also being kinder to the planet and helping us get one step closer to a healthier environment.

As well as the pressures of hitting carbon targets, the COVID pandemic has also increased the urgency in helping create a healthier environment. Road transport, in particular, continues to add a significant contribution to the primary air pollutants. Furthermore, transport as a whole is responsible for over 50% of the NOx emissions.

With air pollution increasing the risk of COVID-19 as well as being a significant contributor to many other illnesses and diseases, such as lung cancer, heart disease and strokes, the transport industry must make a difference now to cut emissions and reduce pollution.

Making road vehicles go faster, more efficient , more reliable and much kinder to the environment.

As the mass market for road vehicles continues to grow, so
does the impact on our environment from CO2 emissions. At Ogab, we are striving
to minimise this effect through the solutions we are offering. 

As we enter this ‘new
normal’, with research suggesting increased risks from Covid-19 as a result of air pollution, now is the time for innovation. 

This is compounded by the recent findings of  the World Health
Organisation stating that one third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and
heart disease are due to air pollution.

Our goal is simple, to improve sustainability whilst increasing  performance and safety in
motor vehicles without compromise.


Driving The Difference In The Transport Industry

For road vehicles, Ogab® currently offers two patented and proven solutions to cut emissions and enable the transport industry to be more sustainable. These innovations include Sustainable Braking and Advanced TRS®.

With a ground-breaking design, Ogab®’s Advanced Turbulence Reduction System offers critical benefits to both standard and commercial road vehicles. With Advanced TRS® vehicles can benefit from;

  • Increased MPG capabilities
  • Reduced cost of fuel and maintenance
  • Significantly reduced aerodynamic drag
  • Lower consumption through reduced demand on the engine
  • Better fuel economy and extended engine lifespan.

Why Advanced TRS®?

At speeds of 70mph and above, aerodynamic losses account for 70% of the engine’s power demand. By reducing this power demand, it is possible to reduce the fuel consumption. Our innovation works to resolve the pressing issue of aerodynamic drag enabling significant reductions in drag coefficient, consequently making marked improvements in fuel consumption.

Our technology has already seen success by reducing the drag coefficient of HGVs and mid-sized commercial vehicles by as much as 41%. We’ve already seen commercial vehicles achieve a fuel consumption saving of 20% thanks to our breakthrough Advanced TRS® technology.  Now, we want to help as many commercial transport industries as possible to thrive with incredible fuel savings and cost-savings so businesses can be on track in meeting their environmental targets.

Harnessing Lost Energy

Ogab® offer sustainable technology solutions that are powered by lost energy alone. Advanced TRS® utilises energy that would otherwise be lost in order to reduce drag through Active Flow Control. By capturing and using energy that may be wasted otherwise, we can raise the performance level of your vehicle for you, without requiring additional energy.

We Make Vehicles Go Further

With enhanced fuel economy, your vehicles can go further, offering multiple benefits for your business. From a reduction in fuel spend to less vehicle maintenance required and increased vehicle lifespan thanks to reduced demand on the engine.

When you consider the benefits across an entire fleet of vehicles, your business can make a significant environmental improvement while reducing fuel consumptions costs which can be critical for the success of commercial fleets.

At Ogab®, we go further in finding solutions that optimise vehicles while protecting the environment. One key component of vehicles that causes considerable air pollution and carbon emissions are the brakes. Producing just one brake disc can cause up to 19.9kg of carbon emission. Furthermore, brake degradation can lead to an increase in harmful particulate matter resulting in damaging consequences for both the health of the environment and its inhabitants.

This is why Ogab®’s Sustainable Braking offers a solution for increasing the lifespan of brake discs, while also capturing harmful particulate matter and preventing it from being released into the environment.

With Sustainable Braking, vehicles can benefit from;

  • Longer lasting brake discs
  • Improved safety and performance with brake discs functioning at optimised temperatures
  • Reduction in the harmful particulate matter through collection technologies
  • Extended lifespan to limit the carbon footprint of each vehicle
  • Brake cooling technology that is not reliant on aerodynamics to lower temperatures.

Why Sustainable Braking?

The safety of vehicles is the number one concern for vehicle manufacturers. As a result, focusing on brake improvements is something Ogab® takes very seriously. This is why we have created Sustainable Braking, an innovative solution that offers brake cooling thanks to Ogab’s patented Active Flow Control Technology.

With active brake cooling, you can prevent brakes from reaching dangerously high temperatures which can be critical in ensuring the safety and functionality of brakes. As well as enhancing the safety of the driver and passengers, the benefit of operating brakes at cooler temperatures means that it reduces brake wear. This helps to increase the lifespan of the brakes, reducing the number of new brake discs that a vehicle will require, consequently, lowering the carbon footprint through the life cycle of the vehicle.

A key benefit of Sustainable Braking is the ability for the technology to capture brake wear and harmful particulates from the braking process. By capturing these particulates, you prevent them from entering the environment, therefore lowering the pollution levels and reducing the risk to human health and the overall health of the environment.

With a separate capture unit, it is then possible to safely dispose of harmful particulates at a dedicated recycling centre.

Optimise Your Business For A Safer, Healthier Environment

See the difference Ogab® can make to increasing the sustainability and success to your business and the transport industry as a whole. If you’d like to understand the savings your business can make with our patented technologies, get in touch today to create a brighter future for all.

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